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Sasha Sabbeth Soul Purpose Soul Coach   













This program is a multi-step process to create a congruent relationship between one’s Soul Purpose, core values and their goals so that the goal design is directly connected to their true, authentic inner Self.


Discovering “what makes you tick” reveals the values, activities, ideals, and goals that live deep within a person’s nature. I use an elicitation process to reveal one’s “Tick Statement” that includes aspects of the work of Jan Stringer and Stacey Hall, authors of the book: Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power Of Strategic Synchronicity.


The intended outcome of this program IS to fully align an individual’s goals with who they truly are versus the person that they think they “should” be in their life. When congruently aligned the goal accomplishment journey can be more fun, fulfilling, creative, intuitively strategic and on purpose with that person’s Soul Purpose expression.


I will be using long distance energy transmissions throughout the program. This energy transmission is to facilitate the participant’s ability to release energy blockages and to accelerate access to their intuition. Energy blockages would appear in the form of unwanted behaviors, habits, low self esteem, ambivalence, indecision.


There is a course pre-requisite for the participant to have had a private debrief session with me on their PrintStrategies personality profile.




Pre-Course Requirement:

The Print Strategies Personality Profile private debrief session
Click Here for more information.



Private Session Format:


       16 hour program


       Completed in 90 days


       There will be flexibility depending upon client needs
         regarding amount of time for each session.



Program components:


       Soul Purpose elicitation


       Passion Test process


       Tick Statement elicitation


       Core Values elicitation


       Goal and project design with action plans


       Coaching and healing for clients current issues





This Program Is Perfect For People Who:



  • Are ready to identify their Soul Purpose and express it through their entrepreneurial business endeavors.


  • Wish to create a congruent alignment between their goals and the core values of their authentic self. 


  • Desire to have a clear sense of direction where they are connecting their values and goals to their Soul Purpose. 


  • Feel the need to be concentrated and on purpose versus disjointed and scattered in their goal planning and action steps. 


  • Long to bring out the unique gifts of their life experiences, vision for their passionate, meaningful life. 


  • Are searching for how to integrate their passions and sense of Soul Purpose into their every day routines and commitments. 





Pre-Course Requirement:

PrintStrategies Personality Profile Debrief Session




Private Session Format



One Payment …. $5,000.00









“Sasha Sabbeth is a very gifted intuitive soul coach. In a very short time, she drew my life purpose from deep within me, right from my soul. My face immediately looked younger and I felt more grounded in my natural energy as Sasha helped me release old energy blocks that no longer served me. Sasha’s process has given new meaning and clarity to my work. I feel more in alignment with who I really am and what my gifts are. Knowing my soul purpose has given me the confidence to offer new programs and charge higher prices for my services because I now know that what I can do for people is invaluable.”


- Jan Marie Dore, MCC: The Professional Women’s Success Coach -


"As a coach, Sasha offers something truly unique. She leads me to right action that comes from my core, rather than what I think I should be doing. She has a wide breadth of knowledge, is highly intuitive, and has a profound level of spiritual integrity that continually calls forth the best in me. I now have greater integrity within myself, which in turn has made me more powerful in the world. I’ve gone from feeling stressed and uncertain, to waking up each day excited about my business and grateful for the ever increasing opportunities that are coming my way.”


- Joie Seldon, M.A.: Emotion EducationTM Practitioner, Public Speaker-


“Dearest Sasha,


Thank you with all my heart for your beautiful nourishing words of encouragement.  As  GalwayKinnell says, "Sometimes it is necessary to re-teach a thing its own loveliness"......and you are a truly sublime teacher!  Thank you for seeing through and getting me through my own fog to arrive on higher ground.


We could do a rhyme here:          

                                                           Sasha, so witty and profound

                                                      Gets you onto higher ground --

                                                      She wakes you up, gets you unstuck --

                                                      Empowers you to change your luck!!


In other words:


I have worked (and played!) in individual sessions with Sasha Sabbeth for over two years. Coaching with Sasha has changed my life for the better on all levels.  I regard the power with which she enabled me to return to my soul to be among the greatest rare and pivotal transformative experiences of my life. With extraordinary compassion and skill, as well as healing humor and infinite patience, she has perceptively guided me in the direction of my life's work and given me essential validation of the importance of staying true to my heart and core values.


To complete the year with more clarity, inspiration, and purpose, Sasha suggested that I ask my life partner to participate in a customized goal-setting workshop that she designed for the two of us. We worked for three hours over the phone with Sasha on the day of New Year’s Eve.  The result: my partner and I attained a new level of respect and clarity which I had never thought possible. After 24 years of being in our romantic partnership, I feel that my partner and I are on common ground for the very first time! We are now making a much needed new beginning. Sasha's guidance is pure gold!”



- Chetana Karel: Hypnotherapist, Sound Healer, Actress, Musician


“Working with Sasha has been an incredibly empowering experience. The 10 minute Daily Laser Coaching And Healing Program  sessions have helped me achieve clarity about my Life Purpose and how to release what has been holding me back. Working in partnership with Sasha, I am creating a plan for my future which reflects my passion and life purpose, honors my commitment to self care in body, mind and spirit, authenticates my desire to make a difference in the world with my work, and to Succeed in Sync with My Soul !”


Mary E. Knippel: Creativity Mentor , Writer, Speaker -


“I have greatly appreciated your soul coaching services, which you accomplished over the phone over several sessions.  I believe they have helped me more strongly focus on my marketing activities by identifying those values and beliefs that motivate or hinder my goal achievement, and to see what means and ends I take to satisfy these goals. These exercises made me realize more than ever what values are most important to me, so that I only pursue clients who match those goals. Thank you for your valuable services. I look forward to our next session!”

- Nancy Lewellen, Esq. – Palladian Law Group –

“Sasha Sabbeth is a coach but not in any way that I had ever experienced. She takes a very spiritual and yet practical approach to increasing business. She helped me to see who I want to attract and how to go about doing that. Since working with her, I've found that I do attract only the people that fit my profile. Life is much easier since working with Sasha so I can highly recommend her.”


Leslie Ellis: Independent Consultant - Domestic and International Insurance Brokers




“ In this time of great challenge and change, I was grateful to meet and begin work with Sasha Sabbeth.  I knew from my first session, that I had met an excellent and powerful coach. Our sessions also brought encouragement and excitement to me around the goals I was looking to accomplish. I found Sasha to be very insightful and intuitive with many varied methods that she utilizes with great skill. I have appreciated the important work regarding aligning with my values and coming to understand the results of not living those values. I have experienced some deep shifts that have resulted in new actions and results. Personally, I have been experiencing a career transition that has been an 8 year transition.


I received my Real Estate license in 2005 and while there are many aspects to Real Estate I enjoy, I knew there was a deeper passion in my life that wasn't being addressed.  I obtained my Co-Active Life Coaching Certificate from Coaches Training Institute in 2003 and subsequently facilitated several Collage Workshops. Sasha quickly picked up on my underlying desire to do this work and teach the process of Visioning. I have a Collage Workshop scheduled for the end of March. I am much more in contact with my desire and commitment to do work I am passionate about. Sasha was instrumental in assisting me to give voice and action to my soul passion.


I have also noticed that I am much more committed to using my internal personal support rather than needing outside support, which is a wonderful shift for me.   Sasha brought clarity to my life and career goals that has resulted in a clear path and vision as to where I want to go. I am looking forward to 2009 as I know this will be a year of opportunity and positive results in my career and personal life.   As a Realtor in this challenging Real Estate market, I am happy to report two sales in the new year...and we are in February!”


- Denise Swaby: Realtor - Creative Property Services


“Sasha Rocks! Working with Sasha is like being on a space shuttle when it launches. Once the solid rocket boosters have been ignited, there is no stopping, you are LAUNCHING … whether you planned for it or not.  You are on your way!


I never imagined this much ground could be taken in just 2 1/2 short weeks. I spent years in therapy and never made as much progress as I have made in this short amount of time by working with Sasha as my Success Coach, Personal Development Trainer, and Healing Guide.


I can truly say that I am so much happier, at peace and relaxed. These kinds of emotions and states seemed non existent prior to working with Sasha. Many actions and pursuits that I have resisted or avoided previously are now so much easier to deal with on a day to day basis.  I highly recommend her Entrepreneur’s Life Purpose Soul Coach Packages and services.”


- Lynne Sagen: Online Marking and SEO Specialist -


“I am now working with Sasha on a regular basis to deepen my understanding of my passions, values, and to learn how to integrate the tools and techniques into my mode of operation in all areas of my life. Having done other coaching programs and being an avid goal-setter all my life, I have participated in many programs with many types of consultants and facilitators. To date, I have not come across anything or anyone whose work was as deeply effective as the coaching and training work that Sasha does with me. I am grateful for having met her at this time in my life. She's a rock, she's a shining light, she's human and warm, and above all, a wonderful source of inspiration. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to connect with their soul and live a passionate life.”


- Lone Mørch: Photographer, Sensual Facilitator -



“I am an active teacher, writer and community volunteer with a number of creative projects in the works. While I'm already able to get a lot done and am generally satisfied with my accomplishments, the hour I spent focusing on values and goals with Sasha was extremely productive. With her guidance and insights, I sharpened my thinking and clarified my feelings--about myself and my work. She's a good listener and efficient strategist who draws from a packed toolbox of strategies that help you define needs, spot obstacles, make decisions and move ahead. She helps you become more self-aware and empowered so you can live life with more integrity and fulfillment. Thanks, Sasha!”


- Ellen


“If you want to be inspired and motivated to fulfill you life’s passion, Sasha Sabbeth is the Entrepreneur’s Life Purpose Soul Coach that can help you be all that you ever dreamed to be.  I met Sasha at a networking event. I was fortunate to win the free session with her, and since the first meeting, my life is completely different. In the beginning, our sessions were about dealing with some personal issues that were affecting my emotional stability, and hindering my passions. Sasha was amazing in reading my energy even before I said anything. She could sense my energy and her observations were so on point, I was in awe of her gifts. I have never doubted her gifts, and after a few sessions, I wanted more. I needed Sasha to help me decipher my desires from my gifts and talents.


As a result of my sessions with Sasha, I have been able to channel my energy to be more focused and disciplined to live my dreams.  I always believed I was a motivated and confident person, but there are times when I would need that extra push, and that extra guidance to keep me on the right track. Sasha provided me with tools to help me stay focused, and to break down all the tasks of my projects to more manageable pieces. Things didn’t seem so monumental. After ever single session, I always feel invigorated to accomplish more. More than ever, I feel my dreams can be achieved now that I have been given the tools to use my inner energy to propel myself forward. I know that I wouldn’t be where I’m at emotionally and professionally if it wasn’t for Sasha’s guidance. My business is still in the beginning stages, but I don’t have the same fear as I did when I began my sessions with Sasha.


I know that my relationship with Sasha will continue to grow as I continue to grow.”


Tonya Hawes: Entrepreneur and Owner - HWE Consulting Services -






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