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Congratulations for joining our Affiliate Program family! My Soul Purpose is to uplift and empower as many people as I can. Your support and partnership in assisting me with my mission is greatly valued.  What a wonderful win-win situation: You are receiving extra income for supporting others to identify their Soul Purpose and passions while strategically pursuing their personal, spiritual, and professional success. 


What You Can Expect:


As an affiliate, you will be receiving 15% from the first purchase of each referred client who participates in any of my coaching and healing services, programs, or packages.  You will receive 15% of each installment payment or 15% of the full payment that we receive.


Here Is What Is Available To Promote:

Power Hour- $500.00



One Day Intensive - $10,000.00

Reiki Initiation Training - $775.00 private or $475.00 Group

Passion Test Program - $800.00 or 2 payments each of $425.00

Crisis Control Package - $600.00 or 2 payments each of $325.00

Client Starter Package - $850.00 or 2 payments each of $450.00

Discover Your Soul Purpose and Business Soul SignatureTM  - $3,700.00

Breakthrough JumpStart Program - $2000.00

Strategic Attraction PlanTM Program  - $600.00 or 2 payments of $325.00

Soul Purpose Success Package - $5,000.00 Sale! $3,000.00 through Sept. 30th

Payment Plans: 90 Day:  3 payments -  $1,100.00

                       6 Month: 6 payments - $550.00

Laser 10 Minutes Daily Program -  $2,500.00

PrintTMStrategies Personality Profile Debrief - $600.00 or 2 payments of $325.00 

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Here’s How It Works:


Once you register, you will receive more information from us regarding your account page and how to work with the links for each of the program products that you choose to promote .  I want to make sure you get access and take full advantage of the complete and helpful set of Affiliate sales and marketing tools – all complimentary parts of our Affiliate Program. 


Payment Process:


You will receive your commission checks once a month.  The shopping cart feature organizes records of your activity.  Once you register, you will receive your own secure site page accessible only by your login information. You will be able to track all of your Affiliate activity.



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Expect great income! You deserve it! Celebrate!  You just created a new revenue stream for yourself.  Just click the button below!




Succeed In Sync With Your SoulTM!

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