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Thursday, October 27, 2011

6:00 – 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time




Deborah Myers, Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressurist

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“If you’re looking for someone to help guide you through living your Soul Purpose, Sasha’s the one! She’s taken me on an incredible journey and has been super supportive in helping me reach my goals. Highly recommend you check her out!”

Kerianne Mellott –


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Your Soul Purpose Mission

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Inner Peace



Do You Ever Wonder:




Why Am I Here In This Life Time?



Soul Purpose Joy




How will I know if I am living my Soul Purpose?


Soul Purpose Joy




What is Soul Purpose?


Soul Purpose Joy



How do I know what my Soul Purpose based business is?




_______What if I can’t earn income through my Soul Purpose?

Soul Purpose Joy



How can I stay positive in our current stressful, confusing times?


Soul Purpose Joy



Why do I feel that something is missing, or



still off track in


my life?






Thursday, October 27, 2011

6:00 – 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time


This call is your opportunity to ask questions that will make a difference for your Soul Purpose based business success and the over all quality of your life in general. Your day to day quality of life will greatly impact your ability to thrive in business and in your personal affairs. Knowing one’s Soul Purpose is a key missing ingredient to having the confidence, strength, creativity, love, joy, inner peace, success, internal freedom, and well being that most of us long to have for a meaningful life.




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Please think deeply about what you would like to ask me. Submit your questions by Wednesday, October 26 , 2011, by 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time to be considered for the call’s content. If I am unable to answer your question in this particular call, I will do my best to include your question(s) in upcoming Q & A teleclasses. The call will be recorded. Replay and MP3 download options are available for $37.00 per MP3 located below on this page in the section Entitled: “Archive Menu.”

I will be having monthly Q & A calls. All sessions will be archived. I will keep you posted! I look forward to having your gifted presence with us. See you on the call!

HerPhotoSasha has the depth of training, character, life experience, soul connection and compassion to see deeply inside someone. When we cannot ourselves figure out how to heal our issues (we all have issues) or move from a stuck position (we all get stuck in some part of our lives), Sasha then bequeaths you that beautiful experience of gentle guidance and support which begins your healing or growth. She’s one of those deeply genuine, loving talents that has so much to offer it’s doubtful anyone could tap her full potential. Thanks Sasha, you’re amazing!

Allison Bliss – Allison Bliss Consulting – Marketing And Communications Agency

Michelle Salater: Sumer, LLC“During my free introductory conversation with Sasha, I knew she was the one I needed to work with to coach me into the business and the life of my dreams. Between the introductory call and our first coaching session, I had one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life because Sasha held a space for me to rise to my higher self and coached me on how to push the limits of possibility. Since working with Sasha, I have a new-found peace, a greater understanding of who I am and why I do what I do, and I am playing a bigger game. Anyone who is looking to find their soul’s purpose and bring that purpose inline with everything they do, I highly recommend working with Sasha. Sign up for this Q&A call, sign up for her free introductory conversation, watch her YouTube videos. Her compassion, her wisdom, and love make her truly unique and a pleasure to work with.”

Michelle Salater – President – Sumer, LLC – Copywriting and website services (843) 377-3926


“I am grateful to have had the fortune to experience Sasha Sabbeth’s CD, Sacred Peace. This is truly a CD for meditation and healing. From the moment I heard the soothing tones of Sasha’s singing, the daily corset of anxiety that tightens against my chest and torso started to loosen. Within minutes, I had a particularly extraordinary experience. I felt a ray of light and energy coming into the center of my chest…. Into my heart chakra. To anyone else suffering form the suffocation of anxiety, I would highly recommend Sasha’s “Sacred Peace” music. It is truly a powerful tool for inner peace. And, as a Soul Coach, Sasha is an amazing woman.”

Katrina Lumpkin: Assistant Community Director

Cosmic Swirl

Joie.sitting.100.pixels“Doing the Laser program with Sasha was a turning point in my life. It was a challenge for me to show up for myself every single morning in such a concentrated way, and profound to have someone so lovingly and wisely hold my feet to the fire. And, it paid off financially as I have just had my single best week financially since I started my business. Of particular impact was the work we did to elicit my Business Soul Signature. Knowing my Soul Signature has given me a clarity and confidence inside myself that has solidified my focus, something that I have grappled with for a long time. This focus has greatly reduced the stress in my life. My creativity is flowing with a sense of purpose and direction that is powerful. I feel aligned with the Universe, and opportunities are coming my way. Sasha’s gift as a coach is awesome, and her ability to elicit the best in me is what I am most grateful for.”

Joie Seldon, M.A. – EMOTION EDUCATION™ (510) 536-3335


Cosmic Swirl

Tonya..150pixels“If you want to be inspired and motivated to fulfill you life’s passion, Sasha Sabbeth is the Entrepreneur Soul Purpose Soul Coach that can help you be all that you ever dreamed to be. In the beginning, our sessions were about dealing with some personal issues that were affecting my emotional stability, and hindering my passions. Sasha was amazing in reading my energy even before I said anything. She could sense my energy and her observations were so on point, I was in awe of her gifts. I have never doubted her gifts, and after a few sessions, I wanted more. I needed Sasha to help me decipher my desires from my gifts and talents. As a result of my sessions with Sasha, I have been able to channel my energy to be more focused and disciplined to live my dreams. I always believed I was a motivated and confident person, but there are times when I would need that extra push, and that extra guidance to keep me on the right track. Sasha provided me with tools to help me stay focused, and to break down all the tasks of my projects to more manageable pieces. Things didn’t seem so monumental. After ever single session, I always feel invigorated to accomplish more. More than ever, I feel my dreams can be achieved now that I have been given the tools to use my inner energy to propel myself forward. I know that I wouldn’t be where I’m at emotionally and professionally if it wasn’t for Sasha’s guidance. My business is still in the beginning stages, but I don’t have the same fear as I did when I began my sessions with Sasha.I know that my relationship with Sasha will continue to grow as I continue to grow.”

Tonya Hawes: Entrepreneur and Owner – HWE Consulting Services




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