Will You Step Up With Your Light? U.S.A. Elections Impact On Your Business And Life



In response to the Elections results, we are being asked by a Higher Thought Reality (Divine Consciousness? Spiritual Loving Light?) to step up and stand up with our Humanitarian values. Look at what is occurring against the Sioux Tribe in the Dakotas. Look at the protests as those who have carried such hatred in their hearts against minorities who now feel permission to act out that hatred. We can help through our businesses and our personal character values.

Here is my new video. I wanted to wait a few days to collect my thoughts and feelings about the outcome of our elections here in the United States. I see that the elections’ outcome is an unleashed spiritual awakening. We have been flung into a remarkable expansive trajectory of possibilities where we must step out from the norm if we are to thrive. As we long for our successful businesses to thrive, serve, and sustain, we have to use our Intuition, turn to our co partnership without Soul and Spirit Guides, and tighten our productivity strategies to flourish. This event has given us the energetic permission for us all to take actions on our heart treasured visions and create a more compassionate, unified United States. Given the powerful placeholder that the United States still commands in the world, I do believe that in order for that to occur, it is up to each of us as individuals to reassess our current mode of operating in life. This is a wake up call as well as a Spiritual Contract Green Light for us to redesign ourselves to become even more of the person we want to be in this world. This means greater courage, greater Self Love, greater success strategizing, and greater certainty about our Soul Purpose expression in our business commitments and our personal lives.

The purpose of my video is that my words will uplift and nurture you with hope and focus to stop holding yourself back. You can be a Light Leader in your business communities and in your neighborhoods by being a role model through stellar values and determination to live an abundant belief system driven life. Click on the graphic below to launch my video message or click:




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