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This Week’s Tip 

What Do You Do
When You Don’t Know What To Do?

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Today’s Tip is actually Tip #18 in the Soul Purpose Success Tips series. I chose to feature it this week, however, because I am hearing many of my clients, members, and students tell me that they are feeling overwhelmed as to how to get their passionate, creative ideas out into strategic action plans.  The feelings expressed distilled down to this quandary: “What Do I Do When I Don’t Know What To Do?”

Months ago, I designed this Tip to support you when there are  many compelling needs, ideas, or possibilities to pursue yet you simply do not know which is the best way for you to move forward.  The results can find you in states of paralysis, fear, anxiety, anger, self doubt, self judgment, procrastination, and poorly executed actions that have negative consequences.  

In this Tip, I have given you strategies that can help you uncork yourself from that grip of feeling as if you are spinning your wheels going nowhere.  

Highlights From Today’s Tip:  

• Managing heightened anxiety, anger, fear, self judgment, irritation, and self doubt

• List of types of circumstances when you find yourself not knowing which way to turn

• Recognizing when you are in a state of paralysis, feeling tired, becoming drained, stuck

• Determine what in your inner world and outer world needs to be addressed

• How to transform a state of shut down and lack of motivation from overwhelm

• How to disentangle yourself from the web of multiple options

• Uncork, De-latch from the state where you are spinning your wheels

• The power to choose inner peace and self-love and beware of self judgement

• Raise your vibration, elevate your consciousness

• 7 Step formula to emerge from spinning in circles to becoming more peaceful and productive

• Do a grounding exercise to redistribute energy from being hijacked

• The relationship between being hydrated and proper blood sugar levels to manage overwhelm

• The importance of taking power naps, deep rest, deep meditation, and healthy disassociation

• Action pattern interrupt of triggers and anchors – find action that is a sense of accomplishment

• Intuitive and contemplative access to call upon your Guidance for the most effective next steps

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I also know the phenomenal feeling when you are On Purpose, doing the actions that nurture your Soul Purpose and your Bank Account.  No words can really describe the degree of excitement, passion, motivation, and creative floods of ideas and implementation strategies.  I can go on and on about the rewards when you have designed a personal and professional life that is bringing you the life of your dreams.

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