Election Day Spiritual Healing And Consciousness Elevation



If you live in the United States, my wish is that my words touch your Soul and stir your wisdom. If you live outside of the United States, I ask you to realize that here in the United States marks a great global awakening of choosing the Light over the Shadow collective consciousness. And, as our brother or sister watching from beyond the United States borders, I ask you to hold our beloved America dear in your heart regarding the upcoming Presidential elections on Tuesday. Please send your highest thoughts that Goodness, Grace, Gratitude, and Gracious Awakening infuse the election results. Thank you.

If you are an American citizen with the power to vote in these elections, I ask that you let in the fact that at this pivotal precipice of American history, your voice through your vote is so very, very needed. I ask that you vote and use your power to influence, lead, support, and claim your place in our great American nation.

I know that some are disheartened by our presidential candidates selection. I know that some wish that the alternative party candidates had gained more momentum and impact so that they could have more of a chance to make the difference they feel America needs.

HOWEVER, as we know about life, we must accept what is and choose for our highest options with whatever we face. I ask that you step back and use your visionary, Intuitive, Soul Purpose empowered wisdom to SEE and FEEL how this election will impact our children, our grandchildren, our other species brothers and sisters as well as the impact on our entire global family. America still is the most powerful country in our world at this time. Therefore, whatever happens in our country will greatly impact other countries. As such, this election is really a time for each of us to claim our soul signature declaration of who should lead for the next four years and beyond.

If you were planning to withhold voting for this election, I ask you to please feel my words at a deep level…. the level of your pre-incarnational promise that you made to live on planet earth during these epic times, AND to live in the United States. Your Soul has a presence in the Whole of America, just as your Soul has a presence in your neighborhood. To refuse to vote in this particular election is a choice to diminish the power of your Soul’s presence and to inflate the Negative Ego Self instead.



I have created this meditation to support you in keeping your vibrational frequency as high as possible as the turbulent election energies continue to pound against our auric fields. This meditation will bring forth your own healing powers and activate your Wisdom as they broadcast through your energy field. The results will be an uplifting shift within you. The vibration will also initiate an infusion of Divine energy into your environment and beyond. Please click here to be directed to the meditation recording page.


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