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With Sasha Sabbeth - The Entrepreneur's Intuition And Purpose Soul Coach

Thank you for applying for potentially having sacred, productive, and life changing time with me.

The purpose of a Strategy Session with me is for you to get even clearer about where you are in life, what you dearly want to create as desired experiences and successes in your life, AND your level of motivational readiness to take action NOW to indeed create what you say you want in your life.

Are you longing to take next steps but feel insecure, confused, undecided, overwhelmed, and scattered? If this is You, let’s have a conversation. I would love to just get on the phone with you and get down to what’s really going on with you. I will ask laser, targeted questions. We will both get clarity about what you need, what’s not working, and your heart felt goals in both your personal AND professional life. Depending upon what I hear and read from you, I'll offer recommendations that are the most effective, efficient next steps for you to get where you want to go. I will suggest resources from my own direct experience which might include digital products, program, books, as well as the possibility of us working together.

How does all this feel to you? Ready to get started? Please answer the following questions.

This will tell me our alignment potential to get you results. If I sense that I may be the right mentor and healer to support you, I will email you appointment scheduling details. If not, I will email you my best suggestions to get you in momentum towards the life you long to live.

As you proceed with your answer process, we suggest that you hold in your thoughts this question, " Am I ready to move forward with the right professional at this time in a commitment to pursue my goals, objectives, and dreams?" This means, are you ready to apply your time, finances, and emotional courage to move forward NOW?

If you are honest with yourself, do you feel that you would prefer to wait rather than step out of your comfort zone at this juncture of your life? Do you have the time to do what it takes to make desired changes? Do you have the discretionary funds to hire an appropriate coach/healer/professional? Do you have the courage and strength to move forward RIGHT NOW?

If you are not ready to move forward, I suggest that you not complete this application at this time. Rather, I encourage you to return to this application process at a time when you are in a position to make the changes that you need to have the life you long to live. Given my busy calendar, I will only choose applicants who are ready, determined, and are certain that they will do whatever it takes to build the life they long to live starting NOW with a professional that you perceive to be a match for you. That professional could be myself or someone else.

Enjoy the journey as you carefully reflect upon these questions and answer from a deep place wtihin you so that you can benefit from the following self inventory.

Blessings That You May Succeed In Sync With Your Soul ~ Sasha